Girl Got Game

My first book GIRL GOT GAME is out now.


Franki & Michelle

After an incredible two years of creating one of Australia’s top podcasts that made a splash here and worldwide, it’s time to close the Franki and Michelle chapter of our lives. With busy schedules and competing demands, we decided it was the best decision moving forward. Creating something as successful as we did takes time that we no longer have, and we didn’t want to do our podcast a disservice or let our fans down!
Continuing to support each other in our future endeavours, we are forever thankful we had the opportunity to work together; it was a moment in our lives we will cherish forever!

Glamor Hippie

Glamor Hippie originally started as a passion project. Somewhere I could share my experiences of living an organic and chemical free life wherever possible.

Having an idea and the determination I started my little blog. First, I had all the fantastic support of my friends and family. Then very quickly Glamor Hippie grew and grew! Every day it gets that little bit bigger and a whole lot better!

Over the past five years, my original little blog has turned into the most incredible journey. It’s now a thriving website and brand with the incredible community. It’s a continual source of inspiration, motivation, and something I’m so very proud of.



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