What does one add to a bio? I know when I read someone’s bio, my brain usually gets distracted in the first two sentences and switches to something that my anxiety views as more pressing, or it switches in search of a dopamine hit, and it flips through the catalogue of indulgent content I have curated for when my brain deems something as not worth the effort.

The other element of bios is that they are always written in the third person to ensure they are authoritative and make sure they can be helpful for the intended audience, making them downright BORING!

This other issue I have with this writing style it takes away my voice! Something that I refused to do, even in something as simple as a bio, needs to be credited to my incredible therapist.

So here we go, here’s my bio in my voice; you can thank me later.

I am a best-selling author with my debut book Girl Got Game. GGG has tickled the fancy of enough wonderful humans to sell out twice! And inspired my next book, which I promised my publisher I have started, seriously I have!

My days are fueled by coffee, and the incredible moments are celebrated with tequila.

Many moons ago, I started a blog and named it Glamor Hippie; if you would like to know why I called it that you could read ALL about it in my book, available online from Booktopia (said with no shame, no time for shame in my game).

Glamor Hippie is a home where I shared my organic, chemical-free living with those who want to share in it with me. This blog was a passion project brought on by my desire to raise my son, who is on the autism spectrum, live as holistically as possible. That little blog took off, and with it, an incredible community blossomed.

My marketing and advertising background began before Facebook had reached the Australian shores and well before Instagram had even been thought of; let’s just say I’m a millennial, even if it’s a geriatric millennial!
Giving me a unique skill set and point of view in the social media realm we all now reside in.

I married my high school sweetheart and had two babies in two years after we had been told having babies wasn’t going to happen; the universe had my back on that one!

Realising I had a distaste for working for others and wanting to do more than the average bear, I got busy creating my own company, making waves in the online coaching and social media game.

Launching Australia’s best podcast in 2020 has to be a career highlight; let’s be honest, anything positive coming out of cluster duck that was 2020 has to be shouted from the rooftops. Franki & Michelle is a raw, energetic baby that was born from two like-minded souls bonding over a coffee and a mutual distaste for fake personalities trying to use us for personal gain.

There are some BIG ticket items on the agenda which you will see blossom over the next few years, all elements to add to the EMPIRE that is Ms Michelle Mitchell Pty Ltd.

Never one to cut a conversation short; this is about the length one should have their bio; if I have left you wanting more, please feel free to stalk me online; I’m not hard to find!




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